Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Hamilton and Burlington Regions

When your hardwood floor is looking worse for wear, Rainbow Hardwood Flooring is the team that can breathe new life into your floor. Having your hardwood floor refinished professionally can save you thousands of dollars compared to installing a new one.

Rainbow Hardwood Flooring can sand hardwood and softwood (pine and fir) floors, and we can sand and refinish exterior decks.

Even in the worst of cases, Rainbow Hardwood Flooring is able to repair any problems, refinishing the complete floor so that it looks like brand new again! Our customers appreciate our strong attention to detail and our efficiency when it comes to completing the job quickly and properly.

Oftentimes, a floor simply requires routine care and can be sanded and refinished to regain its initial lustre. Rainbow Hardwood Flooring has been refinishing hardwood floors in Hamilton and Burlington region for over 30 years and would be more than pleased to help you refinish your floor.

“Had Fred and his team come in and add flooring to an old floor and then refinish. It looks like we put a brand new floor in, you would never know where they joined the floor. Very fast and professional service with a smile." - John R., Hamilton

Here are some tips on prolonging the life of your hardwood floor

  • Sweep wood floors often with a soft, fine-bristle broom.

  • Vacuum once or twice a week to remove dirt and sand. Use a soft brush attachment to minimize scratching.

  • Since water is one of the wood floor's worst enemies, get rid of water right away! Remove wet spills ASAP with soft towels or a wet/dry vacuum, and then dry thoroughly.

  • Use a very dry damp mop when mopping polyurethaned wood floors, since excess water can seep into seams and ruin a wood floor.

  • Consider using carpet runners (with non-skid pads) over wood floors in high traffic areas.

  • Vacuum area rugs and runners often so dirt doesn't filter down through the weave and scratch the wood underneath.

  • If possible, do not wear heavy shoes or high heels on hardwood floors, as some heels can cause dents.

  • Never drag furniture or other objects across a wood floor. Instead, clean the floor thoroughly to remove dust and grit, and then use "gliding" furniture pads underneath the piece to aid sliding it across the floor.

  • Install floor mats at each entrance, so you don't track in dirt from the bottoms of shoes.

  • Be sure to follow manufacturer recommendations to treat flooring scratches and dents. If an area of the finish is damaged by water, it may be difficult to fix it.

  • Use furniture pads to place under table and chair legs and on the feet of dressers and armoires. They can be purchased at a local hardware store or home center.

  • Some floors may require periodic waxing and buffing. Get recommendations from the manufacturer for the specific procedures for your floor.


  • Use area rugs in high traffic areas.

  • Always remove spills promptly. While small drips of water may not harm the floor, be sure not to let excess amounts of water sit on the floor.

  • Find out cleaning and care requirements for your specific floor from the manufacturer.

For more information on refinishing or repairing your hardwood floors, contact Rainbow Hardwood Flooring today!


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